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I'd like to take a minute to say thank you for all the treasures you helped bring into my life. I came to your class last year for hypnosis training to help myself with the auto immune disorder lupus. I've had it for quite some time and have various symptoms that affect my daily life- I wanted some tools I could use on myself because medicine was not enough.

Your warmth, humor, and wisdom, your teaching style, your depth of knowledge and experience with hypnosis, all helped our class gain practical skills and confidence in what we learned. I took the learning experience I had with you to heart and came home with a deep regard for the power of the subconscious to bring deep change to my health and thinking. Not a day goes by that I don't benefit from the tools we learned. I use self hypnosis everyday to help improve my immune function, my energy and stamina and my outlook. My life is different because my thinking has changed.

At the beginning of this year I was asked to share what I learned with a group dedicated to life long learning and because I had my certification from your class and the National Guild of Hynotists, I decided to share the self hypnosis steps as well. It was so well received and was such a powerful experience that now I teach the steps on a regular basis to groups. I am developing a thriving hypnosis practice and am asked to speak to groups throughout the area. You provided a great foundation for an important tool that integrates mind, body and spirit in healing. Thank you for sharing your gift for teaching and sharing hypnosis.

Best Regards,

— Robyn Phelps, CH, MHSA, Wellness Springs Hypnosis
Hypnosis Training

National Guild of HypnotistsHypnosis training, hypnosis certification

Hypnosis Training Center

As a recent graduate of Marie Beach's Basic Hypnosis course, I find myself so very thankful! Thankful for her particular style of teaching; very hands on, showing the deeper meanings, firm yet gentle guidance throughout! Her skill as a hypnotist is top notch! I feel blessed to have been guided to her to learn from!
—Danielle Lewandowski

Hypnosis training can take you out of your rut or add a dynamic component to your current career.

Upon successful completion of the 100-hour training, you will become a member of the premier and most renowned senior organization of practicing hypnotists: The National Guild of Hypnotists (

Only these number of hours will give you the confidence and ability to ethically serve your clients. Accept no less.

Classes are given in two formats:

  • One four day block plus two additional weekends of training
  • One weekend a month for total of eight days

NOTE: For massage therapists and other professionals seeking only CEUs and not full certification, please check with your certifiying body if the Hypnosis Training Center training is eligible, or contact us by email at

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Training Outline & Background

Marie's hypnosis certification training program is one in which material is presented in a format that is easy to digest and to apply. Classes are infused with Marie's passion for using hypnosis to heal, and she brings years of wisdom from her own practice into play in the classroom. Truly an enriching and transforming experience!
—Jennifer Willis

Class material and instruction represents one of the most expansive and comprehensive hypnosis certification curriculum available and is based on the core curriculum of the National Guild of Hypnotists from its inception in 1951. Additionally, our hypnosis training includes field-tested behavior modification programs created by psychologist, Dr. Richard Harte. Included in this training you will learn the following tools and techniques of hypnosis:

  • What Hypnosis Is, What It Can Do and Who Can Benefit
  • Preliminary Suggestibility Tests
  • How To Hypnotize
  • The Power of the Subconscious
  • Instant, Rapid & Confusion Induction Techniques
  • Regression Techniques
  • Methods of Awakening
  • Depth Stages of Hypnosis
  • Behavior Modification Tools
  • Powerful Scripts
  • Scripted Inductions
  • Ego Strengthening Technique
  • How To Teach A Self Hypnosis Course
  • How to Market Your Practice
  • Futurizing
  • Creating Metaphors
  • Regression
  • Reframing

The above represents only part of the hypnosis certification curriculum.

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Training Schedule

The hypnosis training was wonderful! It was thorough and well-presented. Marie is a skillful hypnotherapist who can get to the heart of the issue quickly and easily. Watching my classmates go through regression (and going through it myself) was fascinating! I highly recommend this course!
—Anne McMurtry

Hypnosis certification classes equivalent to two semesters of instruction and leading, upon acceptable completion of all training, to an international designation of certified Hypnotist (CH) as well as eligibilty for membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists and other hypnotism associations.

Classes are given in two structures:

  • Total of eight days given in two blocks of times
  • (NEW!) One weekend a month to complete 100 hrs of class and self-directed hours.
  • Both formats consist of 100 hours of training held from 9:15 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Investment is $1795. Certification takes place the last day of classes if all criteria and work has been met. Criteria includes selected readings and the writing of client reports based on working with friends and family. Classes are held in Richmond, Virginia, unless otherwise stated.

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Upcoming 2015 Classes

  • DECEMBER 27, 28, 29, 30 Two more weekends in January
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Registration & Payment

The course registration fee $1795. A deposit of $350 is required to secure your place. Pay securely with credit card through Paypal:

$100 off if registered two weeks prior to start of class and paying full tuition amount first day of class. Class sizes are limited for more individualized instruction. Please indicate which date you'd like to register for in the "comments" section of Paypal.

Financing available through Paypal's "Bill Me Later" feature:

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